Ring Sizes

Ring sizing can be done accurately and easily at home if you follow the following instructions. There are numerous ways in which you can do this with a quick google. We have outlined our preferred methods below. If you have any queries then please don’t hesitate to email enquiries@sawandpour.com. Or message us on Instagram.

Method 1: Use the following simple app to accurately measure an existing ring. This way – you know it fits! (This app is not on Apple but they have similar apps that will work in the same way).

1 Download the ‘Ring Size’ App by LXNDR.

2 Click the adjust button to adjust the ruler.

3 Make sure 1cm = 1cm on the screen.

4 Adjust the app ruler by clicking on the + & –

5 Tap the globe icon to choose UK sizes.

6 Slide left and right to match your ring size. Use internal diameter of ring for UK sizes.

Method 2: Tie a narrow thread around the finger you want to measure. Don’t tie it too tight. Then measure the length of the thread in mm. The length of the thread corresponds to your size. Round off according to the table.

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